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Blue Gold Baseball Academy
Blue Gold Baseball Academy

Fall Instructional League | Ages 14 - 18

To foster an environment where learning trumps competition, pressure, or expectations to perform at a dictated level. We strive to teach the game from the ground up focusing on every day fundamentals necessary at all levels of the game.


  • Our focus during our instructional period of practice will be done in group order where there will be opportunities to work on infield mechanics, outfield mechanics, hitting principles, as well as basic pitching necessities.
  • During the game portion of our practice it will be a controlled scrimmage with no players pitching. All scrimmages will be coach pitch, or machine based. We will focus solely on teaching how to play the game in each situation, and encouraging players to try new positions with no fear of struggling, or not being “good enough.”
  • This program will be greatly beneficial for players of all skill levels to participate in because of the repetition-based program we will be using. We feel like the practice portion of baseball is becoming greatly overlooked in today’s win now atmosphere of competitive club baseball.

Practices will be on Tuesday and Thursday evenings with scrimmages taking place on specifically scheduled Sundays.  To save young arms, some Sunday scrimmages will be pitching machine or simulated game settings.

August 22nd - September 28th
Who: 8th graders - 2018 Graduates
Practices: 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Games: 6:00pm
Cost: $235 (Includes T-Shirt)

Location: Memorial Field Kearney, NE

Practice Dates: August 22, August 24, August 29, August 31, September 5, September 7, September 12, September 14, September 19, September 21, September 26, September 28

Game Dates: September 10, September 17, September 24

Infield Defense:
Players will focus on footwork, hand eye coordination and simple fundamental drills aimed to improve level of play as an infielder.

Outfield Defense:
Players will be taught importance of angles, hips, and routes before the baseball arrives. We will also cover proper ground ball, flyball, and throwing techniques used.

Our hitting plan will be the same plan used by UNK Baseball with their everyday practice routine. There will be hands on teaching of mechanics, drills, and an effort to make each player understand the why’s and how’s of their individual swing.

While there will be no pitching during our scheduled practice date scrimmages, players will be taught pure, basic fundamentals of pitching mechanics and skills needed to progress as a pitcher. Players will throw a short 15-20 pitch bullpen once per week.

Basic blocking, receiving, and throwing fundamentals will be emphasized along with catching of bullpens/live game situations.